If you want to know a little more about what we do have look at some of these:

How long can I keep using Gesture?

We ask users to re-register every two years.

If you have continued to give up time and energy to help others over that period your membership rolls on as before.

That way we feel Gesture helps to continually promote voluntary activities within society.

What charities does Gesture support?

Half of Gesture’s annual profits get donated to our members chosen charities.

When you register with Gesture you can select up to three charities to support. Our annual profit share then gets split amongst all our Users charities.

How many gestures can I claim?

As many as you like!

The more you redeem the more you support community-minded businesses and the more we can donate to your favourite causes.

What is a gesture?

Simply a small acknowledgement of effort and a token of gratitude.

A gesture will always be a little up-lift in service or some value added. Not a discount, just a little something on top.

How do I join?

You will find us on your App Store or Google Play. Download the App and complete the registration questions.

We will ask a little bit about you plus you can select up to three charities which Gesture will donate to.

To become a user, we will ask if you have either fundraised for charity or volunteered in the past two years.

We see fundraising as giving up time and effort to create money which is then donated to a cause.

We like to think volunteering can either be formal, through an organisation, group or club or informal such as helping your friends or neighbours.

At Gesture we celebrate everyday acts of kindness, as well as superhuman efforts, which could be organising meetings for community groups, coaching local teams or cutting your neighbours grass. We want to shout about the people who help prop up society.

How does Gesture support charities?

We try and do what we can, but mostly in the following ways:

  • We exist to make fundraisers and volunteers feel valued and in doing so encourage them to carry on doing good things for others. In this way, we also aim to encourage more people to try voluntary activities.
  • Gesture has a profit share model which means 50% of our annual profits get divided up between our Users nominated charities.
  • In the future, we would like to be able to offer new insights into the charity sector based on how people respond to Gesture… but that is some way off!
How can a charity join Gesture?

At present Gesture has approximately 150 charities from which our Users can choose to support. These are roughly 100 national/international charities and 50 Bristol/Bath local charities.

If your charity would like to join this group, please email [email protected] and we can add your cause to the list.

What is a Gesture charity partner?

Gesture has a number of charity partners. These are charities we have a reciprocal promotional relationship with.

We ask that you help promote Gesture to your supporters and in return, we will use our social media network to help shout about what you are up to.

How does a charity become a Gesture partner?

Simple, just drop us a line and we can have a chat to see how we can help one another.

Please email [email protected]

What gestures do I need to offer?

A gesture is designed to be an acknowledgement of effort, a  little pat on the back. It does not have to cost the business a great deal and should support your business’ ethos.

We would suggest 2-3 gestures across a range of typical customer spends.

These could be an additional free service (a little more time spent) or a free item.

We have help craft some ideas if you like, just drop us a line.

What does it cost?

Gesture charges 5% commission on every sale we deliver.

We do not control any of the payment processes or introduce any new tech to your business. Our App simply records the sale and we bill the commission via a monthly invoice. Your business will be asked to sign up to our automated billing partner as part of the Gesture registration process.

Commission charges are capped at a sale value of £200 pounds meaning no single Gesture transaction will ever cost a business more than £10 in commission.

What are the benefits?

Gesture is put together in a way which provides multiple benefits for all those in the cycle. For businesses the most tangible up sides are:

  • Gesture delivers sales and footfall.
  • Commission based fees meaning ‘no sales no cost.’
  • Free marketing platform. Your business can be seen by all Gesture Users, display branding, images and create offers to show off what you do best.
  • Gesture provides free access to tools designed to help you understand customers.
  • Total flexibility over offers. Change or update them as often as you like as well as creating redemption conditions which suit your business.
How do I become a Gesture business?

Either register via this website or contact us at [email protected] and we can help set you up