Recognising and celebrating all the good that goes on out there.
At Gesture we believe anyone who gives up time and effort to help others is a bit of a legend and deserves a pat on the back.


Supporting great people, great businesses and great causes.

Gesture introduces fundraisers and volunteers to businesses in their community who are prepared to acknowledge and reward their efforts. These rewards, or gestures, are designed to be a small ‘thank you.’ This simple act kick starts an ongoing cycle of good.

Celebrating amazingness….. our Users

Anyone who has raised money for charity, volunteered or simply helps friends and neighbours in need is welcome to join Gesture. Just download the App from the banner and be introduced to great local businesses which think you are fab.

We all like to know our efforts are appreciated. The Gesture App allows you to explore businesses and redeem gestures designed to put a smile on your face. These are a little pat on the back to just to say “thanks and well done.”

Gesture shares 50% of its profits with its users’ charities. So, every time you redeem a gesture it not only supports a local business, but it is a pain free way to continue doing good.

Keeping it local….. our Businesses

Gesture partners with businesses who believe in community. Being a Gesture business is a simple way to support those customers who’s wider efforts help others.

We deliver sales opportunities to businesses and in return take a small commission (typically 5%). Half of our profits go back to our Users nominated charities, meaning businesses not only reward their customers but indirectly donate to charity. We also collect feedback for your Users and have tools to help you create the best gestures possible.

Gesture believes in creating everyday experiences and developing social loyalty. We want community businesses to thrive.

Businesses can register via this website and have complete flexibility over the gestures they create.

Business Register/Login

Shouting about great people….. our Charities and Voluntary Organisations

Gesture wants to help charities and organisations who rely on volunteers of all kinds. We provide a platform which helps recognise the achievements of your supporters, be they fundraisers doing something extraordinary to raise money or the volunteer backbone of your organisation.

In doing so we drive a cycle which, encourages people to continue doing good, supports community minded businesses and creates a fresh income for charities.

If you would like to work together and become a charity partner please get in touch.