Recognising and celebrating all the good that goes on out there.
At Gesture we believe anyone who gives up time and effort to help others is a bit of a legend and deserves a pat on the back.



Over a quarter of us volunteer at least once a month… that’s pretty cool. Plus, people in the UK fundraise £11Bn a year for charities, that’s also pretty cool!

This is why we think all this amazing behaviour should be celebrated.


Gesture is building a community of good businesses who recognise the positive actions of good people. It’s a kind of grassroots rewards for everyday kindness.


Gesture is open to anyone who has given up time and energy to help others, this includes volunteers and fundraisers.

Volunteering can be through clubs, organisations, or charities, or more informally by supporting friends, community, and others.

Fundraising is simply giving up your time and energy to create money that goes to a cause.


To access Gesture, simply download the App (Google Play or Apple Store), visit one of our lovely businesses, and claim your gesture.

It helps support the business, charities, and ultimately your community, plus it ok to be thanked for helping others!